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✨ Get Ready to (Re)Write your Future ✨

Writing is a form of tapping into your true self; part self-discovery and part self-help.

The Gift of a Year creates resources to stimulate your imagination, give voice to your intuition, help solve problems and guide you towards your authentic self. With our workbooks you can start to understand yourself better, generate new ideas, reshape your relationship to money, transform your outlook on life, and create the life you really want.

2023 | 2024 Year Planner

The year planner is packed with questions and prompts that help you reflect on your past year, dream up your coming year and then plan out your 2024. The planner focuses on how you want to feel and why, rather than traditional new year resolutions that simply focus on a goal.

By the end of the workbook you will have a vision for the next year, a set of ideas that would make 2024 amazing, and a guiding word to keep you pointing towards your true north star


2023 Is Here... But Where Have You Come From?
To create your future, first reflect on your past. As we enter the year of 2023, millions of people are setting new year’s resolutions, dreaming of new lives and lifestyles, ready to get fit, rich and happy. Anticipation and expectations are high, th...
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I don't know what I want
It’s Easy To Say ‘I Don’t Know What I Want’
But there is tremendous power in taking the time to reflect on what you do actually want. We’ve all heard about the paradox of choice — how it’s more difficult to choose a cereal if there are 30 options on the shelf, compared to just 3 options, and ...
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Is Money The Reason We Don’t Pursue Our Dreams??
On the surface, money is just a medium to exchange goods, a few numbers in your bank account, but it is also one of the most powerful motivators of people in today’s world. Despite the stories of people living without money, it has a big impact on ou...
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