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Mid-Year Check In

We are six months into 2023. There are only six months left of 2023. 

At the start of the year, many people made new year's resolutions, set goals, chose a word for the year and filled out the year planner. I’m sure many people have also forgotten about what they wanted to do, to be, to have, or where they wanted to go this year. 

Whatever you have or haven’t achieved so far, don’t beat yourself up about it. Life got busy, life got in the way. However, it’s incredibly useful to take some time this weekend and reflect on what you wanted to achieve this year. 

Maybe some of the things you wrote down have already happened. Maybe they are no longer relevant, or you no longer want them. Maybe your word of the year needs some fine tuning. Or maybe you just need a bit of a nudge, and time to refocus towards the things that you really want. It is sometimes even more useful to reflect on what you haven’t done or what’s stopped you so far, or even why you chose those goals in the first place, rather than to just blindly follow them or decide to drop them because they seem too difficult.

Six months is still a long time and you can still do many things in 2023. Go find your Year Planner, see what you wrote and upgrade, change, tick off, refine whatever you want. This is your year and your life. 

Taking the time to adjust and realign with your goals, your direction and your aspirations will help you get clearer about where you are going and help you come back to the things that really are important to you.