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Feeling out of alignment?

Let's chat.

I offer free 30-45 minute consultations to chat about any of the following topics:

  • Personal Finance
  • Investing & money mindset
  • Navigating your career path & career changes
  • Dealing with sabbaticals & mini-retirements
  • Moving abroad & solo travel
  • Making creative projects a reality
  • Navigating life changes
  • Other general 'adulting' stuff

Need more support?

If you are interested in receiving more support, I offer a 12 week coaching program consisting of 6 one to one sessions (50mins every 2 weeks) plus email support and 'homework' between sessions.

The 12 week program is designed to help you gain clarity on more complex life challenges. Some examples include:

  • Changing career paths
  • Planning / maximising your career break
  • Starting a new business / side hustle
  • Unpacking a complex personal issue
  • Designing a solo trip or moving abroad
  • Gaining control of your money

I only work with up to 4 people at any one time to ensure clients have my full attention.

The 12 week program costs $500 / €450 / £400 with payment either upfront or split into two payments.

If you are looking for support with your finances/debt payoff and are unable to pay the full program amount, please let me know - I will always find a way to support you, let's start with the free intro session (and I suggest downloading and working through the free Foundations workbook ).

If you are interested, book a free intro session below and let's discuss what you want support on and where you want to go.